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"I wrote the book I needed 12 years ago.  A Mom is Born is my treatment plan that I've used thousands of times to help struggling mamas."

My book would have helped me:

Bond faster and stronger with my baby


Know that God could be there for me in my sad and anxious moments


Taken walks in the sun knowing that this time is just a season and seasons past


Cried less and smiled more


And mostly, known I wasn't alone

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2021 Elmore Christian Counseling, PC 


Motherhood is hard—there’s very little that prepares you for it. But you’re a great mom; here is the book to prove it.

In A Mom Is Born Rachael Elmore—a licensed counselor as well as a mother who experienced postpartum depression—comes alongside moms with the practical tools and biblical wisdom they need to be the connected and emotionally healthy mothers they long to be. Using Scripture, therapeutic insights, and stories from her own mothering journey, Rachael helps you to:

  • Apply proven techniques—like Elmore’s time-tested Postpartum Wellness Plan—to manage the new emotions of motherhood,

  • Stop intrusive thoughts and triggers from stealing your joy,

  • Restore hope and joy by breaking the bondage of past wounds and trauma,

  • Repair your heart and your body by discovering the secret to implementing small acts of self-care, and

  • Rise above the pull of perfectionism by learning to say “No, thank you,” to comparison.


Start believing in your motherhood journey today.

Order a copy of the book today at your preferred retailer.
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2021 Elmore Christian Counseling, PC 


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