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Pregnant Mom Adjusting to Life


Rachael was accepting -- I felt completely comfortable sharing everything with her. From circumstances, to fears, to intrusive thoughts, the dark depression that was all-consuming was shared and there was no shame. She didn't judge me at all -- if anything she let me know I wasn’t crazy and that there was help. As well as acceptance, Rachael offered practical guidance every time I met with her. I left each session with a few tools that were perfect for that week. I also appreciated that I wasn’t a “client” to Rachael as it was evident she cared and her counsel was tailored for me. I was amazed at how knowledgeable she was about the human body and hormones and as well as psychological practices in general. Aside from what I got out of my sessions with Rachael, (which was basically my life), it’s evident that she’s passionate about her craft and continually researches how to best help the people she sees.


When you’re in the midst of something so dark and foreign to who you know you are, it’s not only really, really hard to reach out but it’s difficult to know who to trust. Here’s your answer: if you’re even considering going to see Rachael, just do it. You’ll find a safe place and, like me, life and hope that you didn’t think was possible.

Pre-Med College Student

I began counseling after suffering from a new onset of daily panic attacks and anxiety. I am so thankful I found Rachael! Since being in counseling I have learned how to live with my anxiety, but not let it ruin my life. She utilized EMDR therapy, which was extremely helpful in helping me heal through a very difficult work event.   I appreciated her approaches to help guide you through your life events, including using God's word in her counseling sessions. Rachael prays over her clients throughout the week, which just adds that extra special touch. I highly recommend Rachael to everyone I learn is looking for a counselor

Teacher and University Professor


Rachael is truly gifted in the field of counseling. She works exceptionally hard to meet her clients' needs and consistently seeks research and training to better serve them. Rachael has helped me through some incredibly difficult times and equipped me with the skills I need to navigate life at home, work, and social situations. She has helped me to see myself as God sees me, and to truly love all that He has done in my life.

New Mother of Two


If I could give ten stars, I would. I don't know where I would be right now if God had not brought Rachael into my life. She has helped me immensely with some deep seated anxiety, Postpartum Depression, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I look forward to every time we meet together. Rachael is compassionate and kind but she also knows how to tell it to you straight when you need to hear it. I so appreciate that about her! If you're searching for a Christian counselor look no further than Elmore Christian Counseling!

Married with Young Adult Children

Our family has been going to Rachael for over five years now & we are all so truly blessed to have her in our lives!  From family heartbreak to individual needs, Rachael has been there for my husband & me & our two girls to listen, counsel & be a true confident that we all trust whole heartedly.  Combining faith, honesty & her endless experience, we have grown in all areas as people & as a family unit.  Everyone, no matter where they are in their lives, needs someone like Rachael - she is an amazing Christian counselor & human being!

Young Professional



When anxiety started to impact my daily life, I knew I needed help, but I was afraid to try counseling because of the stigma I had had associated with it. Rather than making me feel crazy or trying to medicate my problems away, Rachael has been an accepting and encouraging voice of reason in my life. She has helped me to identify what’s really going on instead of just treating a symptom and moving on. She is understanding of my busy lifestyle and has offered tactical solutions that could help me when I can’t cancel a meeting or drop everything. This journey has been transformative for my relationships, my career, and my personal life. I’ve never felt so confident and grounded in who I am, and I feel more equipped each session to become who I want to be. 

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